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Kansas City Masonry Contractors is a merit shop contractor specializing in constructing quality masonry projects throughout the midwest United States . Established in 2000 by Anthony A Reyes, we have grown and expanded offices opened in 2001 Kansas city Masonry 

In becoming one of the citys best masonry contractors, the Kansas city Masonry staff has also taken initiatives to promote apprenticeship training in the midwest, while producing a consistent high-quality product and insuring a safe and healthy environment for our entire work force. As a responsible member of several local and national masonry associations we continue to work and support the effort to promote masonry excellence.


Company President  We pride ourself on quality craftsmanship and on-time performance. By concentrating our efforts in the field of commercial and industrial construction we have developed a pool of excellent personnel who can handle any size project. Backed by over thirty years experience we have the ability to deliver a completed project, on schedule, that will reflect the beauty and durability of masonry construction, and on which the owner will be proud to place his name.

When our clients request our specialist of masonry services, we do insist on completing the entire project to their satisfaction. If given job we have both enough number of experts and commit our praised subcontractors to perform to exceptionally high standards. We have Masons who value teamwork. We give our clients the best service in the industry. We are proud of our history of completing projects within time and adhering to our budget.

Our depth of talent accords us the capacity to accomplish any brickwork decoration at request. We combine skill, precision, patience and the eye for detail to complete these projects.

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Retainer Walls – Standing the Test of Time

07 January 2011

The history of building walls is centuries old, as humans have been piling stone atop stone or in the case of retaining walls, block on top of block for thousands of years. While the dry stone technique of piling one stone on top of another was generally used for field enclosures it was also used for dry buildings such as the Itihuatana stone and the ritual buildings at Machu Picchu, which are stunning examples of Inca architecture. And, closer to home indigenous tribes used dry stone wall construction in Southeastern Africa as early as 1350 to 1500AD. As well as perhaps the most famous reminders of man building by placing stone on top of stone; the Great Wall of China, which is the only man made structure that is visible with a naked eye from space. But one can be assured that just as project teams encounter design challenges today, they must pale into comparison with the obstacles that had to be overcome centuries ago.

As building technology has evolved over the centuries retaining walls have become the modern day solution to holding up a bank of earth no matter what you are building. In its simplest terms a retaining wall is an earth dam that is constructed in order to maintain the consistency of the land above and below.

Retainer walls can be as low as a metre high when using as a landscape solution or they can tower several stories. Retainer walls have many and varied applications and are used in anything from the mining industry to road construction when making the grade approachable for a highway interchange.

Once erected the retainer wall’s function is to hold back the natural flow of the earth due to gravity.

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